While this may not be possible, it is the mindset you need to adopt to organize your time and responsibilities. Time zones are geographical locations where people experience similar daylight hours at any given time throughout the year.

Employees in one time zone can hand off semi-completed projects for coworkers to finish in the next. This way, team members can explain their ideas as they show their work on Sketch or InVision without the need for a real-time meeting. Similarly, WIP documents are useful for designers in different time zones https://remotemode.net/ to see where everyone is on a given day. But what if your remote colleague is going to see your message hours later and you’ll be out of your office by then? If they run into trouble with access, they’ll have to wait another day until they can do the work (or you’ll be receiving a late-night phone call!).

working across time zones

Whatever time zone you’re in, we hope to see you at Office Optional in person or via livestream. There is something no collaboration technology can replace and that is physical togetherness. As a project manager where possible you should work out a strategy of having all members in one room for retreats or conferences once in a while. Bonding activities are available across the globe and you can choose the most convenient locations from the thousands available. Someone who has been in London for 2 years will always complain about the weather especially if they come from the sunny Miami. To motivate the members it is advisable to keep rotating the members in different areas as it also gives them more exposure to different environments and working situations.

Pro: Freedom Of Time And Place Boosts Productivity

You might find that there’s no perfect time for your team, but at least you’ll find options that aren’t excruciating. Plus, you can add the correct time to your calendar in just a click, if you’d like. His solution was to have a coding partner, someone he’d bounce ideas off of and check in with about project progress. Work together, even if there is a time gap, and you’ll find that the old adage “two are better than one” is still true. Sometimes you need someone to hold you accountable or just to work alongside you. Jeff Atwood found that when he started Stack Overflow programming on his own turned into a lonely job.

working across time zones

As a hardworking employee located farther away from your company’s office, you might find feel pressure to say yes to every meeting you’re invited to. Additionally, you might also find it hard to say no to meetings — or suggest other times — for meetings scheduled outside of your regular working hours. After all, having employees working in multiple time zones is like giving your company a 24-hour workday — with the best talent in the world. Of course, if you can’t afford to fly your entire team to a location very often, you can turn to virtual team-building events to keep up the team spirit in the meantime.

Just search for the current time zone in the city/ country you’re trying to coordinate with. Gone are the days where you just need to know Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones. We’re using tools like iDoneThis to share a quick recap at the end of each day, of what we’ve been doing, what we shipped, and just share our personal achievements and how we feel about everything.

Our Favorite Checklist To Help You Facilitate Online Meetings Like A Pro

Check back next week as we continue our series to help you make the most of working in a remote environment from our next interview. And share these useful tips with others who may be new to working remotely. Open up Every Time Zone in your web browser for an at-a-glance guide to your time zone as compared to multiple cities, including Tokyo, Berlin, and Dubai. It’s laid out so that each time zone appears relative to one another, and if you register for a free account you’ll be able to customize the cities that show up and the order they’re in. If you have an iPhone, tap on World Clock, and then the plus button; if you have an Android phone, tap on the globe icon and search for the city you’re interested in.

We found end-of-day summaries to be useful context to send to the other team. We recommend doing this in a format that the team considers intuitive.

Schedule Less Urgent Emails To Send At A Time Where International Teammates Are Active

If your event happens to fall out of office hours for any guests, you’ll get a notification letting you know so you can modify it accordingly. Sometimes you need to know how time zones fit in with each other—that’s where World Time Zone comes in. The site displays a compact but comprehensive map showing every time zone and how they’re linked by longitude. You can zoom in to get specific lists of city times across countries and continents, as well as search for particular locations around the globe. Set your current time zone, and save the time zones you work with most to easily switch between them.

  • “Be ready to jump on a call/video-call without having to schedule a time for it,” Ronnqvist Ahmadi advises.
  • Understandably, this approach largely supports innovation and ultimately leads to more profit in the long run.
  • It grinds my gears when I’m in the work groove, my battery flashes red at 5%, and I look up and see all the seats near outlets are gone.
  • The age of globalization has brought with it incredible benefits especially in project management.
  • You may be wondering how to hold team-building exercises when your team is scattered in different time zones.
  • In fact, by 2022, Gartner predicts that 75% of businesses with diverse frontline decision-makers will exceed their financial targets.

Team members across the country might be sitting down to dinner when you are wrapping up an afternoon project before 5. We have a few standing methods of making sure these types of communication happen often, including the daily pair call and weekly or biweekly mastermind chats. These chats are normally only 2-3 people maximum, so more often than not it’s possible to find a time that works for everyone across multiple time zones. Schedule consistent meetings to help far-flung people connect.Serendipitous encounters with colleagues around the world are still limited with our current technologies. We have learned that having consistent meetings where people can connect in both formal and informal ways is critical for fostering team cohesion. We are also prototyping a global “Social Hour” where we are all invited to bring coffee, lunch, or a cocktail -depending on where you are and what time it is—and hang out together on videoconference.

Collaborate To Troubleshoot And Maintain Operations At All Hours

I think for all of our health, we need to cool this expectation. A warning to anyone who is working with a client halfway across the globe. One client in India was 12 hours ahead and another in Australia was 15 hours ahead. Oh, ye who think a one-hour time conversion is simpler than an eight-hour one. The shorter the time change, the more likely I am to screw it up. My brain likes to convert the wrong direction when I’m dealing with just an hour or two. That smartphone in your pocket is good for so much more than Candy Crush, selfies, and Instagram.

“Tools like Slack, Convo and HipChat make that possible in a way that it never really was a few years ago.” You can work at opposite times from the rest of your team, and still join in on all the office banter. It makes scheduling meetings difficult, but we can also hand off work to keep the wheels turning 24/7. Jon Russell, a Bangkok-based reporter for TechCrunch, says remote work is what enables their site to run a 24-hour newsroom. “When it comes to online publishing, being in different places isn’t so strange,” says Russell. It’s possible to hire people around the globe and still have your whole team working 9-to-5 at your office’s time zone—after all, plenty of people work night shifts—but it’s not optimal.

Improve Your Productivity Automatically Use Zapier To Get Your Apps Working Together

What a great idea to have automatic declines for times when you’re DEFINITELY not going to be available. Great to hope that folks will check timezones before scheduling but with teams spread across the globe in multiple time zones, it’s great to have things that help them out. With the tools and services currently available, it’s possible to have a team that spans the planet. Google Calendar, Slack, email, and Zoom are just a few tools that help us stay connected across offices. By being aware of times and locations, along with good communication, companies can become global workforces, working together no matter where they are.

Turn your kindness and understanding knob up about 15% when you’re remote. It might feel odd, but the space for miscommunication and misunderstanding can compound. We hope this blog helps and allows you to consider taking the plunge to create your own distributed team. You want to avoid overworking and resulting in burnout in split shift situations. Ensure that both groups of people in their respective time zones know when they can expect you to be available and when you won’t be. If this half-day concept doesn’t suit you why not use this concept and apply it to your week instead?

When we work with people from across the globe, we often have to work at unusual times. We have to work odd hours if we want to interact with our colleagues on the other side of the world. And we simply can’t squeeze the world and bring time closer together. To learn more about tools and software that can help global and remote teams, check out this helpful list.

Essentially, they help everyone on the team understand what work there is to do, who is working on what, and when each task is due. Through team collaboration platforms, team members can easily assign tasks and update one another on their progress. Trying to get multiple people across various time zones on the same page for a meeting can be tricky, but World Time Buddy can help. Add up to four locations , and you’ll be able to see how meeting times fall across each place.

working across time zones

This can make it easier for employees to quickly know what the time difference is for their location. In this article, we’ll tackle the biggest struggles for those who have freelance jobs online, or any professional who has been freelancing remotely for years. In working with distributed teams in different time zones, you have to be prepared to be flexible, accommodating and always on top of changing clocks, global holidays and miscalculations. With all the apps and tools available, the time zone difference can create plenty of confusion among employees working across time zones. Asynchronous collaboration is the default workflow globally distributed teams turn to to optimize their processes and overall culture.

It can also be just as useful for those attending the meeting in that they actually get to see and hear the conversation themselves. Even after having an initial conversation, you should also speak up if you’re having issues attending many meetings in multiple timezones. Likewise, you should also encourage colleagues to communicate when they’re running into timezone blockers. These discussions will better help your team learn how to strategize and identify respectful or empathetic solutions to timezone-related challenges. When you have a successful game plan, you’re regularly able to video chat with colleagues, hear their thoughts, and gain insight into what the workplace is like on the other side of the world. These benefits allow your team to work better together and can lead your international teammates to feel more included in your team’s day-to-day work.

But when your team is distributed, you need to be crystal clear on each person’s job so you can effectively collaborate and meet performance goals on schedule. Working remotely means you don’t have the luxury of calling working across time zones a quick team standup meeting or walking over to your co-worker’s desk to ask a quick question. However, when done right, remote work can actually enhance your team’s collaboration and the overall level of communication.

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